Fat-bottom Girl: Unusual angle of USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), 2005. [2740x1800]

Therefore fundamentally curvy . its muh genetics shitloard Shiplord? Can anybody fill me personally in to what the structures that are vertical at water line? I have always wondered and aren't able to find ...

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  • So basically curvy .
  • its muh genetics shitloard
  • Shiplord?
  • Can anyone fill me in to what the vertical structures are at the water line? I've always wondered and can't find anything.
  • I think it is just support structure/bumpers for the stern dock. Here seen from the other side http://www.navy.mil/view_image.asp?id=55253
  • Awesome, makes sense. Thank you
  • Yeah, I always wondered what those were also. They look like the hatch for a well deck when you view them from a distance, but that makes no sense whatsoever. Bumpers makes sense.
  • Can confirm, just bumpers. Gotta make sure the liberty boats don't get messed up in HK.
  • I had a question. What are those folks on the top deck of a carrier who tells the fighter pilots using hand signs called? They wear a face mask/helmet also. EDit they are called 'shooters'
  • I'm not too good with planes, but are those still F-14's there? Didn't they get ride of them around that time?
  • they retired the F-14 in Sept. 2006
  • IIRC The last F-14 flew off the deck in spring of 2005 when we were returning from deployment... Guess that means Im technically in this picture... lol. 😉
  • Correct. I did a tiger cruise on the Truman in 2005 and they did the last trap of an F-14 at that time. They were supposed to cat it off, but the kneeling (valve?) failed, as is apparently common on the Tomcat, so they ended up craning off the very last F-14 that the Truman ever carried. I was sad for it.
  • I do remember that. My dad didnt want to miss anything on the deck and stayed up there so long his bald spot blistered. It was sad seeing the F-14 go out like but it was pretty awesome to sit on the deck during the take off and landing portion of the show. I worked below deck so even during deployment I never really was able to make it to vultures row and see the action.
  • Yes the two planes on the right are F-14s
  • They're still used by the Iranian Air Force (:
  • I read that the Iranian air force attacked ISIS with F4 Phantoms most recently. Did they have F-14's as well? I thought they had some but none were battle worthy.
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