F-22 and F-35.

And worth it... ???? never ever realized the dimensions difference! 3-view size contrast. It is therefore small! 😀 Almost double the wing area, doubly numerous machines. ...

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  • And worth every penny... ????
  • Never realized the size difference!
  • 3-view size comparison.
  • It's so tiny! 😀
  • Almost double the wing area, twice as many engines.
  • I've had this tendency of comparing the two, even though I'm aware it's like apples and oranges. The size comparison really drives home how different they are.
  • And same fuel capacity, oddly enough. The F-35C carries substantially more gas then an F-22, in fact.
  • The F-22 carries 18,000 lbs of fuel compared to the F-35A's 18,500 lbs and the F-35C's 19,600. Just to state the numbers.
  • First time I saw an F22 do a demo I couldn't believe how big it looked.
  • Almost twice as big. With the shape of the wing would I be correct in saying the f35 is a scaled down f22?
  • When the Joint Strike Fighter competition started, the Skunk Works guys that had been working on the precursor programs to the JSF program had just moved office and had to shred everything (because it was Top Secret work and policy there). They only had a few months to come up with the X-35's design, so they literally started their design using the CAD model of the F-22 and modified it from there.
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