F-15 and F-22

exactly how exactly? Higher speed that is top all I am able to come up with (mach 2.5+ vs mach 2.25) the f-15 is light-years in front of the f-22 in terms of combat record though... 104/104 dogfight wins for the f-15 ...

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  • how exactly?
  • higher top speed is all I can come up with (mach 2.5+ vs mach 2.25) the f-15 is light-years ahead of the f-22 in terms of combat record though... 104/104 dogfight wins for the f-15 vs 0/0 for the f-22 although in mock dogfights, the f-22 takes on up to eight f-16s or f-15s at a time: "My F-16 is still a formidable weapons system in its own right. But it is not even in the same league as an F-22," Brenton says. "Technology keeps the F-22 a virtually undetectable and untouchable regime. It is fair to say that unless an F-22 driver makes a mistake, or has a critical system failure, I will always lose a fight against him. That is a good thing. As a nation, we want it this way. We also want him to be able to handle two, six or eight of us completely on his own." from: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military/4311433
  • honestly i think people are somehow confusing the f35 and f22 while the argument can be made for the f35 vs f15/16/18 generation, I don't think the same can be said of the f22 vs them.
  • That seems like the only thing possible - people are treating it like a top trumps x vs x, completely ignoring the 100's of billions of USD and man hours gone into creating it to replace the f15, and yet people are saying that a .2 mach speed difference means the f15 wins....comparing both to the PAK-50 or Sukhoi series may be vaguely relevant as they might both end up fighting one day. The F35 isn't even designed to be an air supremacy fighter! that's probably why the Typhoon was developed (i assume)
  • Honestly, if you looked at what the f35 was originally designed to compete with, it has done its job marvelously The F35B is and was designed around a similar profile as a harrier, and it indeed blows that family of jet out of the water but then to adapt it for use for the AF and navy is kind of an issue...
  • Meh. it's generally cheaper to retrofit a new variant rather than create a whole new airframe, the various F15 models showed that well. It's a shame the harrier was so appalling to control. Maybe with a retrofit it would have been usable for longer. The UK is seemingly going to end up with only F35 and Typhoons (some f4's as well for a while), which will be interesting. I guess we're gonna keep out of heavy bombers altogether, although i believe the USAF has allowed RAF use of some B2's...
  • Cheaper perhaps, but that does not mean it is any good spend of the money. But still, as it stands. If we ever fight against a nation with enough capability to match our existing fighter's capabilities (the teen series), it would likely be a war that ends rather quick for both sides. These upgrades are more or less going to be untested to their fullest extend under American hands I feel, much like the f-15 is.
  • Well, the F-15 has actually flown in 2 wars since the F-22 became operational... while the F-22 has not... can carry more, farther, at higher top speed...
  • No value for superior stealth and sensors - see first, shoot first, kill first? No value for significantly better kinematics in knife fights? No value for actually getting somewhere first due to the ability to sustain a high speed?
  • The older plane has a bigger operational history, who would have guessed.
  • you are approximately 100% wrong
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