DN-V Bufalo (Mexican Army IFV)

Hahah, no wonder my reaction that is first on the turret was "that looks familiar..." Eh. 75mm of HE towards the face remains enough to wreck anyone's time should they're maybe not in a bunker/tank. Pretty ...

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  • Hahah, no wonder my first reaction on seeing the turret was "that looks familiar..." Eh. 75mm of HE to the face is still enough to wreck anyone's day if they're not in a bunker/tank.
  • Pretty sure if youre in a bunker, 75mm of HE might still wreck your day.
  • Actually, contrary to what games like war thunder or world of tanks like to portray, HE shells hitting anything in a confined space, especially a tank, would wreak havoc on the crew inside due to the blast of the shell hitting it.
  • And that is why spaced armor and cages were invented.
  • I thought that was more for defeating shaped charges.
  • At least for the Germans, the reason why spaced armour was mounted was only because it protected against high explosive rounds and AT Rifles. http://ftr-wot.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-schurzen-against-heat.html http://balagan.info/why-were-schurzen-introduced-in-ww2
  • Yeah and no, spaced armor is more to protect against HEAT and various other shells of the sort. Point of what I said being, of you get hit by an HE shell, that confined compartment full of people is going to become an armored mosh pit. But yes, cages and very spaced armor help a bit.
  • Yea, I don't think putting a pre-war turret on a modern vehicle counts as an "upgrade."
  • I agree, it is a Stuart's turret with the 75 howitzer right? Cause that is what it looks like.
  • That's not a Stuart, it's a separate vehicle, the M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage, but the differences are hard to spot: A much larger turret ring and the hatches were moved to the front glacis. The rest was basically M5 though.
  • Well I looked it up and it is the turret from the M8
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