Ch-53's folded on the boat. Details inside

Was this one thing you planned? Obtaining the planes folded like that, no. We constantly have actually our planes folded to create space on the journey deck for other people to secure. I recently took place become on the plane ...

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  • Was this something you planned?
  • Having the planes folded like that, no. We always have our planes folded to make room on the flight deck for others to land. I just happened to be on the plane and thought it was a cool picture to be taken.
  • How long does it take to get a folded -53 unfolded and up into the air?
  • Typically about an hour the biggest thing that slows us down is having to wait on the navy to two us out to a spot which can be a pretty daunting and time consuming task. But once on spot if we are already did preflight from folded to high speeds takes about 15 to 20 minute or so. But that is when everything goes to plan.
  • Whenever I see a 53 I always have this feeling that it is about to transform. But when I see one folded I always think it looks like a Jamaician with dreads mon.
  • When I see it folded I think of a tribal feather hat or a pile of butter knives.
  • Very cool pic. Reminds me of the Sentinels robots of Matrix
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