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Last of the Gunfighters [793x1024]

Shirtless regarding the journey deck. Big no-no. Exactly why is that bad? Could arouse the pilots too much and make them crash in to the ocean. saxy saxy deckhands 😉 pilots … This image...


USS Constitution's hull in drydock

Whenever we’re not careful our enemies might have ironclads in the decade that is next! That would be an upgrade for North Korea. This is the country that is same’re speaking about where they...


High Speed Turns - USS Harry S Truman [2442x1374]

My ship! Tall speed turns were pretty enjoyable! Dates? Just what department? 2001-2005 reactor evening shipmate that is good. 1999-2003, RL Div. Hi!! RM here. Http.jpg that is:// … This image with the title...