Can someone "explain" me this photo?

Actually interesting. Didn't find out about this capability. Many thanks for the written guide recommendation! I'll read it for certain! 🙂 Btw: into the picture there is an AW129 Mangusta of the Italian Army. Ability ...

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  • Really interesting. Didn't know about this capability. Thanks for the book suggestion! I'm going to read it for sure! 🙂 Btw: in the photo there is an AW129 Mangusta of the Italian Army.
  • Capability yes. Standard procedure no. Its written into some Army squadron's flying order book that if one of the apache's goes down, the other one (always fly in a pair minimum) can land next to it and the crew strap onto a wing each. They even carry a strap and a carabiner with them to quickly strap on. The Ed Macy mission was unprecedented because they used it for emergency troop insertion and extraction. The pilots nearly lost their jobs. As an airmanship decision IMO it was awful. As a human decision wanting to rescue one of the blokes, it was heroic. In the end they weren't disciplined and they won medals. Nearly went badly wrong though.
  • Not uncommon. A friend dead-sticked a Viper back into Spangdahlem and spent a couple weeks wondering if he would get court-martialed (for not punching out when he had no usable thrust below 10,000ft, per the book) or a medal (for saving the jet). He got the award.
  • How do you feel about redbull doing it for a movie? art of flight.
  • I remember watching that scene with my jaw on the floor thinking "They're letting them show that??". Same as the ice fog bit in Nelson.
  • I do believe the alaska pilot got a fine. In Nelson thats just Ops normal.
  • At that point disciplinary action is halted by heroism: yeah you broke regs, but oh saved them so I guess we'll put you in for a decoration
  • generally any time someone gets a medal its a situation where it easily could have gone the other way.
  • Yeah, I'm aware that the image wasn't of an Apache. The helicopter in the pic is too pretty to be an Apache. 😛 But, I was just talking about the capability. Which is what the AW129 is demonstrating here.
  • it's a capability some attack helicopters offer. Because, to state the obvious, there's nowhere else to sit for a passenger you can't leave behind.
  • It started with the Cobra in Vietnam. The ammo bay doors on the forward fuselage flip down and it has been used in dire emergencies to evacuate troops on the ground. The origin of the tactic goes back to the pre-Cobra Vietnam days. Gunship pilots flew Hueys with rocket pods and rifle caliber machine guns bolted on pylons on the sides as aerial fire support for the Air Cavalry. Because they were still Hueys, it was possible to fit people in them, meaning if another helo crew got shot down or there was a critically wounded soldier they could carry them out. Less comfortably than in a "slick" transport Huey but still. So then along comes the Cobra. It's a wicked, bad-ass killing machine when compared to the Huey gunships. But it lacked any troop compartment. At some point someone looked at those ammo bay doors and a bulb went off . Certainly it was even MORE uncomfortable than the cluttered up rear of a Huey gunship but still preferable to you know, dying. Definitely not a common tactic or something anyone planned on using, more like an option of last resort. The tradition was passed on with the Apache, not with bay doors but just strapping to a climb handle on the fuselage above the "chines" of the fuselage and praying. And similarly here with the AW129. Not ergonomic but better than nothing.
  • Here's a snippet of the actual video taken recording the rescue of those troops others are speaking of.
  • Now that's Basic Economy .
  • Ummm... weeeee!!!!
  • Those guys are trying to steal the declaration of independence.
  • The national hide and seek championship
  • When your filters and fluids look dirty, but your chew chief swears he did the maintenance...
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