Bethany Gilford, British Army Medic [2048x1665]

Every British Army Medic is attractive and female. Incorrect. Supply: 5 years in the RAMC. Please explain/tell i'm guessing they're maybe not all female and only a few appealing. ...

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  • Every British Army Medic is Female and attractive.
  • Not true. Source: 5 years in the RAMC.
  • Please explain/tell
  • i'm guessing they're not all female and not all attractive.
  • Rekt it.
  • Ugly people.
  • You're hiding your attractive femininity very well.
  • *You're
  • Not really but it seems that way if you have been out in Injun country for the past couple weeks and you stop at Bastion. I certainly felt that way. Also, the British are way better at making war enjoyable, I suppose it comes with all that additional experience they have. That place with the booths by the airfield and the pizza hut were the tits. And I don't frequently call things "the tits" unless they are actually tits.
  • Canadian and Dutch are rather easy on the eyes too.
  • lack of effort in the face paint.
  • Maybe they were both demonstrating how not to apply cam-cream.
  • How do you effectively apply it then? I feel like there isn't a widely distributed rule book on it.
  • The parts of your face that protrude generally reflect more light, and give your face a decidedly face-like 3D look from a distance, so you put darker paint on those spots to cancel that out and make your face less eye-catching (tip of your nose, your chin, cheek bone, where your forehead meets your nose, etc.) The parts of your face that are recessed are generally ever-so-slightly darker than the rest of your face, so you put lighter paint colors in these areas (under the eyebrows, under the eyes, right under the lower lip, right under the nose, under your cheek bone just above the jaw line, etc.) Alternatively, you could opt to try and make it look like your surroundings if you're in a densely camouflaged area (if there is bamboo, use vertical green lines, etc.) Source: West Point Military Academy face paint lesson
  • There are, 100%, manuals on fieldcraft including cam and concealment. The idea is to flatten your face (shiny parts get darkened, dark parts lightened) to make it flat looking and less immediately recognizable as a face.
  • why thank you ;p
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