Baby got back

I adore exactly how it sticks out to be therefore low-viz in a sea of white planes. Do you know the pods for? Edit: seems like it is fuel tanks mounted regarding the ECSS system Fuel we'd say No ...

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  • I love how it sticks out for being so low-viz in a sea of white planes.
  • What are the pods for? Edit: looks like it's fuel tanks mounted on the ECSS system
  • Fuel I'd say
  • No no they're air to sea torpedoes. 🙂
  • i liked to call them stupid asshole bullshit aarrrgghhh when you would have to drain them when some problem would crop up. Or taking half an hour to refuel because you would have to fill one half way, go to thje other side fuel that one alllll the way, then go back and make sure the other one was topped off. I preferred Robbie tanks (as long as you didn't need room in the cabin for anything)
  • See those red crosses on them? Those are for +200 HP Area-of-Effect (AoE) health bombs. You can drop them on places where you have lots of ground troops tanking a Boss.
  • Dude. I used to tell people something along these lines at an air show when they would ask if they were bombs or missiles, after hearing me tell them it's a medevac bird.
  • That's actually what I was hoping they could be sort of. I'm sure they could set them up to be dropable and shove them full of medical supplies to drop in to areas too hot to land in. MEDIBOMBS!
  • Fuel tanks to extend range.
  • We call them jugs in Australia 🙂
  • Dildos and beer.
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