Awesome picture of USS Seawolf. Steaming somewhere in the Pacific (3755x2513)

Back in 2006 we raced a sailboat to Hawaii from san francisco bay area. Even as we got nearer to the islands, while the success of our journey seemed most likely, one of many team began everyone that is asking the journey would mark ...

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  • Back in 2006 I raced a sailboat to Hawaii from San Francisco. As we got closer to the islands, and the success of our trip seemed likely, one of the crew started asking everyone if the trip would mark their first Pacific crossing by sea. We knew that the skipper had done the race a few times before, but for most of the rest of us, the answer was yes. The watch captain, however, was a retired Navy sub driver who had commanded the Los Angeles, the Seawolf, and the Ohio during his career. When he was asked "have you ever done a Pacific crossing?", he smiled just a little and said "Yeah, I've done a few."
  • is that the navy equivalent of the SR-71 copypasta?
  • Pretty lame by comparison
  • Yeah, the SR-71 doesn't carry enough nukes to wipe out a small nation (probably)
  • The SR-71 can cross the Pacific in a few hours, thouth.
  • And also, a ship crossing an ocean? Who'd have thought?? I mean you could ask an oil tanker captain the same question and get that response.
  • Or a Mexican fisherman...
  • Sure, but most sailboat racing is just going in circles for a few hours and ending up where you started. Actually going somewhere is somewhat novel now. Ending up somewhere not attached to where you started is rarer still.
  • There are lots of ships that actually go somewhere. All shipping, for example.
  • I think you might be skipping my first sentences. I think you also might not have paid attention to NE Pac shipping recently.
  • And all the other shipping in the world?
  • Pretty much
  • Having commanded those three specific subs, it should be a piece of cake to figure out the name of your watch captain.
  • Agreed. I could see A Los Angeles, AN Ohio, and A Seawolf, but not THE.
  • Seems like it, but I've never found an easy way to look up lists of commanders of boats.
  • I wonder how many skills transfer from piloting a submarine to sailing a sailboat. I'm sure some do, but they seem like very different skillsets.
  • Dive planes have different settings for a sailboat.
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