Any V -22 Osprey love? my view flying over VA Beach

If you should be in the military you'll have to modify branches to fly a v22. The army doesn't utilize them, however they are considering purchasing one that is comparable. You could desire to wait to check out it, and by if they but ...

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  • If you're in the army you'll have to switch branches to fly a v22. The army doesn't use them, but they are considering buying one that is similar. You might want to wait and see if they but it, and by then you'll have the experience to get into the program.
  • Pretty much as he put it, V-22's are only AF and Marines. Bell currently is developing the V-280 Valor for the Army, which looks like an offspring between 60's and the V-22, but is just a concept as of now. Gotta love the job security to come. 60's are badass though man! huge respect for you guys, specially medavac
  • I believe their is a prototype. Some guys in either the aviation or military subreddit post pictures having seen it in person
  • The mock-up was actually at Rucker this weekend, apparently, but I found out too late. Oh well, It's only a model.
  • My mistake then. Looks interesting.
  • Tis simply a mock up. The tech demonstrator is scheduled to fly in 2017.
  • Yea my mistake. Looks pretty interesting.
  • I read a (really poorly edited) novel many years ago where they used V-22's for US coast guard and drug interdiction out of Florida. I remember 14 year old me thinking it was a kick-ass book. Not sure how it would stand up now though.
  • No back opening ramp?
  • Hot. I'd love a civilian tiltrotor. One that seats 5 would be insanely useful.
  • AugustaWestland (used to be Bell) 609 . This was the pre-cursor to the V-22, then Bell sold the design to AW
  • Bell/Agusta BA609 : The AgustaWestland AW609 , formerly the Bell/Agusta BA609 , is a twin-engined tiltrotor VTOL aircraft with a configuration similar to the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey . It is aimed at the civil aviation market. Interesting: AgustaWestland AW609 | Agusta | List of aircraft (B) | Paris Air Show | List of VTOL aircraft /u/mallystryx can delete . Will also delete on comment score of -1 or less. | FAQs | Mods | Magic Words | flag a glitch
  • The problem with a civilian tiltrotor is it requires the complexity of an extra rotor/geargox/avionics etc, plus pilots qualified to fly it. Aside from former Osprey pilots (unlikely as the platform is still reasonably new) they would need to be specially trained and only gain type time in the 609 or similar. Last I heard the 609's projected cost was $30 million, several times the cost of a private helicopter and prop plane combined.
  • Yeah, I agree that complexity and cost are definite downers, but never underestimate the advancing technology. There is already a tilt-rotor UAV, so enough of the systems are automated that reducing pilot workload shouldn't be an issue. Basically you need to learn fixed and rotary, with transition training. With materials and computer advancements, I think it's feasible within my lifetime. I mean, look at how far the turbine engine has come in the last 20-30 years! It's astounding.
  • That is true, I just meant it's unlikely to make it in the commercial market while carrying so few people. I can see someone of royalty in Saudi Arabia maybe or someone else with ridiculous money tricking out a 609 to extreme VIP status with room for 3-4 passengers though.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking smaller than a 609. And it's more expensive today .
  • Very cool. I fly out of Dare County in Manteo, love it when you guys come screaming down the beach. I also love to get transitioned to the east of NAS Oceana and have F-18 flying 500 underneath me. I just assume they have a good eye looking from my little cessna 150.
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