A Russian Fighter jet T-50

Machines look utterly unstealthy. This aircraft is an IRST pleasure. It gets my sidewinder all excited... It is allowed to be flown upside down /s The official Russian Patent ...

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  • Engines look utterly unstealthy. This aircraft is an IRST delight.
  • It gets my sidewinder all excited...
  • It's supposed to be flown upside down /s
  • The official Russian Patent claims 1-.1m 2 RCS. But other than that, this is Russia's first production stealthy aircraft. The US is on its 4th production stealthy aircraft.
  • I had to read up on stealth and lookup other stealthy designs, comparing even to the very early ones, this aircraft doesn't look stealthy at all, maybe in a purely frontal aspect. too many edges and curves on the underside, it's engine bays and rear doesn't look stealthy as well.
  • Well, that tends to happen when it's Russia's first stealthy fighter and their GDP is is about that of Canada. And how many stealth fighter programs is Canada running (solo)?
  • On PAK-FA stealth is optimized for BVR engagements, which basically means it is stealthy when looked at from the front. Thinking is that if you are directly over someone it's already too late to be stealthy. And achieving better stealthiness from every angle would require to compromise super-maneuverability, this is something Russians are not keen to sacrifice.
  • So optimization for air to air BVR stealthiness... Ut is still strange since it would be vulnerable to SAM radar. Also, isn't the F-22 super maneuverable as well?! complete stealth might not demand so much compromise after all.
  • Super-maneuverability isn't binary, in the same way Stealth isn't. F-22 is very maneuverable, but nowhere near the maneuverability achieved by airplanes based on the Su-27 platform for example. And I guess the Russian want to keep that.
  • Whenever I think about supermaneuverability in moder aircraft, I can't stop this popping in my thoughts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhWrPfyFKis
  • It's true, but only to a certain extent. Super-maneuverability will allow a pilot to escape a missile coming at him more easily. It's especially important in BVR engagements because when the missile reaches it's target it has lost part of it's energy and can't turn as well, it will be easier for a maneuverable fighter to out-turn it. If you are a flying brick it's far easier to shoot you down. TLDR: Maneuverability can be very important when you want to escape a missile.
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