A Grenadier Guard messing with his friend while he's on duty. [603x591]

Just a little of banter! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rKYL0tW-Ek Bants. Therefore if there have been some type of assault while these dudes were on responsibility would they likely simply yank the ...

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  • Just a bit of banter!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rKYL0tW-Ek
  • Bants.
  • So if there were some sort of attack while these guys were on duty would they likely just yank the hat off? EDIT: I feel it's worth mentioning that I only thought of this because of Act of War: Direct Action.
  • No, in the event that one of these guards actually encountered hostile forces while in guards uniform, they would fight in full uniform, but they would very quickly be replaced my someone in full combat gear. In guard uniform they only have the magazine that is in their weapon. Once they're relieved by guardsmen in combat uniform, they would go back to the barracks and collect their equipment.
  • The only way guardsmen in combat order would be deploted was if it was a threat to the royal family or royal property, if it was just somebody attacking the guard, the guardsman would defend himself and the attecker would be quickly detained by police
  • Oh yeah, definitely. When I said "hostile forces" I meant like a situation where somehow a large group of ISIS members or something popped up across the street and started shooting at the palace, which would be extremely unlikely. If there was just one guy that charged at a guardsman with a cricket bat or something, the guard would just run him through with his bayonet and then keep marching.
  • Or more likely, smash him with the butt of the SA80 and let the rozzers scoop him up.
  • Really, they can do whatever they feel in necessary. I believe that they're authorized to use lethal force, but as far as I'm aware it hasn't ever come to that.
  • I think in the majority of incidents on Royal property, the Police deal with the disturbance. However, occasionally you see things like this happen. Full story here .
  • This reminds me of the Royal Guard here in Denmark, everyday they parade with music around town, though all in the marching band are armed with the standard issue Colt C7 rifle they still have police escort with them.
  • Bullshit. Any and all professional trained soldiers would ditch all unnecessary or impractical gear the moment a fight starts if not sooner.
  • Not in the senario we're talking about here, ive done this job for 8 years
  • And not once have you been in a situation where you needed to fire your rifle.
  • Your joking right? I did 1 tour of Iraq and 2 of Afgahnistan.
  • Clearly you can't keep on context and on the subject of our conversation. The situation was about the guards that have the red uniform and fancy black headgear. They will remove, if not both, at least the headgear, as it interferes with aiming tremendously. It also makes them a huge target. The red coat is also a huge bull's eye. Please, before you start telling people off with your military "expertise" asses the situation and think for a second.
  • It's not my problem if you can't handle people calling you out for bullshit. You don't have the slightest grasp for reality it seems but I will break it down for you, in a condescending manner. Please, before you start telling people, who are in one of the queens guards regiments how they would do their job, asses the situation and think for a second. So you have been standing in attention, wearing the clothes and guarding a key building like Buckingham palace? Can you point out where in your orders does it say what the protocol is should an armed person shoot at you? Are you experienced in the areas you speak of? Yes, common sense is common sense. Also conscription and guard duty in the more formal and nice uniforms. How about the fact that by the time you took the kit off you would be dead? So removing the headgear with a sweep of your hand kills you while you are in cover or moving to cover? I didn't think you could move your hands fast enough to achieve relavistic velocities. how about the fact that you can aim your weapon wearing a bearskin, i have done it, as did the men who wore it in battle for centuries. With muskets/old rifles, while standing with thousand others, probably dying or getting severely injured in the process because fack common sense and today's military tactics, eh? Also, standing in one place and taking your time to aim is not the same as doing it under fire. Oh and also the fact that the guys on this post dont have rounds in their rifle its the guys in the guardroom that do. So you are saying Golden-Fox is full of shit? And that if you are getting shot at your first instinct is to remain in perfect visual shape, it's better to get shot at rather than surviving to defend the Queens honor? She would have you reprimanded for idiocy, as you should know she has ordered guards to move to shadow from direct sunlight. It seems she, even taking into account her advanced age, clearly has more common sense than you do. Bloody idiot. Get a grip of reality, will you. I'm not here to say you are not a good soldier. I'm calling you out on your ididocy and incapability of understanding basic military tactics, efficient operation and common sense. Should you wish to prove me wrong I would be more than happy to arrange for a demonstration where you keep your fancy black hat on while getting shot at while not attempting to move to cover even after getting hit to a leg.
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