A Civilian carries away a wounded Afghan policeman from the site of an explosion in Kabul. [1247x913]

In all honesty I'm impressed he managed to carry this person fully off the bottom holding him similar to this. Seriously. The weight factor that is dead. Must've been some adrenaline that is serious. idk man ...

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  • To be honest I'm impressed he was able to lift this guy fully off the ground carrying him like this.
  • Seriously. The dead weight factor. Must've been some serious adrenaline.
  • idk man those forearms look pretty ripped
  • The Afghanman-raise does have a certain ring to it.
  • He does Afghan lifts probably.
  • the 3rd world workout. that guy is probably strong as an ox.
  • One reason apes are so much stronger than humans is their motor units are larger, meaning that, in apes, fewer nerves are needed to recruit a given amount of muscle fibers. Adrenaline equalizes that for us somewhat, by hyperstimulating motor unit recruitment. So basically this guy is displaying chimp strength.
  • At first I thought you were being a racist. Now I feel bad for initially thinking poorly of you
  • They call it Gorilla warfare for a reason. but yea, i thought the same
  • It's actually called guerrilla warfare . Sorry 🙁
  • I think we should go back to Gorilla warefare, climbing trees, eating bananas and throwing hsit at the enemy
  • What the fack did you just facking say... Etc.
  • I was talking about the navy seal copy pasta. If you don't know what it is, its ok. Just search it on google. I'm sure you'll recognize it
  • omg I had forgotten about that! It's hilarious
  • Conservation of mass? A human body, with a given weight of say 77kg (169lb) will still weigh that amount whether it is living or dead. Being dead doesn't really make a difference.
  • I understand that. However if he was able to move and contort his body a little I'm sure a compact person is a lot easier to carry then one with the weight spread farther out. I was referring more to the ability to provide lift effectively as opposed to the actual weight of the guy being carried.
  • What do people in the US military do? I'm sure they have training on the best way to carry someone who is unconscious or dying.
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