A boxy main battle tank - no prizes for guessing what it's based off!

Ack, you have put in so effort that is much! It's actually mostly based on one tank, the Japanese Type 90, with (it up to L/55 from the original Rheinmetall L/44 as you spotted) a gun length extension to shift. ...

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  • Ack, you've put in so much effort! It's actually mostly based on one tank, the Japanese Type 90, with (as you spotted) a gun length extension to shift it up to L/55 from the original Rheinmetall L/44. Front slope is probably somewhere between the Type 90 and, say, the Leclerc (on the former, the tracks extend past the point where the glacis meets the drivetrain a little bit more than they do on the latter) - Merkava's is distinct to both and a lot of other tanks besides because it's meant to accommodate a diesel engine instead of a driver and occasionally reserve ammo (as I'm sure you know!) Side-skirts are slightly odd - it's probably closer to a Leclerc than anything else, though it's hard to tell because I've removed the rubber extensions.
  • Thanks for actually going to the trouble of looking over it and writing up your impressions - it's not often that somebody does that!
  • No problem, I read the other comment replies as well. Wanted to reply to one only lol. It's just from a lot of Vehicle ID. With other angles of the tank I could've been more accurate so I said what I saw lol. The Le-Clerc is one of my Fav's Cuz I'm French( last name Depew), and I always get teased when the slideshow shows the Le-Clerc.
  • I'm actually not very adept at the Chinese tanks because I never really had to study them for V-ID. And I wasn't too familiar how the stowage for the Le-Clerc worked, I am just used to thinkin if a big booty when I see the tank
  • http://i.imgur.com/2RSGcgi.jpg - kinda like this, plus the baskets at the back, plus whatever you can put on the turret, I suppose? It's not good news for the tank's protection, and I'm guessing they'll be taking a good, long look at that in the next round of Leclerc upgrades they'll be considering as part of the whole Scorpion acquisition scheme.
  • Fellow Frenchman (well, half) right here! The Leclerc's not just French - it's also a pretty decent looking tank too! Performance is more of a mystery, but I won't stare my gift horse in the mouth. 😛
  • Hahaha I think it's more of a mystery considering I've never seen footage of it in battle.. And maybe the 4 reverse gears and the automatic white flag raiser.. I still love that tank, but I'll stick to drivin the Abrams. 😀
  • Leclercs don't do the whole fighting thing (apart from that one time in Lebanon where a platoon got into a non-violent standoff with the IDF's Merkavas), that's up to the Legion and their guns on wheels. 😛 The bright side is, the guns on wheels are pretty good at what they do, by all accounts. It's funny, the impression I get is that the Abrams is a bit like the Leclerc in one sense. They're both brilliant tanks at what they do - just so long as you've got a very good logistics and maintenance chain behind you. Doubly so if you're a driver - the Leclerc's hyperbar drinks almost as much gas as the Abrams' turbine does and manages to be twice as complicated too 😛
  • And specs are as follows: Specifications (PSv 92 E/F0) Weight: 49.8t ( empty ) 52.1t ( combat weight ) Length: 7.5m ( hull ) 10.8m ( gun forward ) Width: 3.5m ( hull ) Height: 2.5m ( turret roof ) Crew: 3 ( commander, gunner, driver ) Armor: Ceramic/alloy composite armour, RHA turret and hull body, interior spall-lining, RHA side-skirts Main armament: 120mmm L/55 Ettingstael RBK 88 F smoothbore gun (22 ready in bustle autoloader, 16 rounds in protected hull storage) Secondary armament: MG80 7.62x51mm machine-gun (co-axial, 2800 rounds) MG92F2 15.5x115mm heavy machine-gun (pintle-mounted, 1000 rounds) Engine: LMS MTM 89 twin turbo-twincharged 2-stroke V10 multifuel diesel in powerpack producing 1,500 hp (1,119kW) Power/weight: 28.79 hp/tonne Transmission: LMS MTD 89 hydrokinetic automatic transmission (4 forward gears, 2 reverse gears) in powerpack Suspension: In-Arm Hydropneumatic Ground clearance: Varies Fuel capacity: 1,270 litres ( internal ) Operational range: 420km ( internal fuel, road ) 550km ( with external stores ) Speed: 72km/h ( road, governed ) 48km/h ( cross-country ) 0-32km/h in 6.7s ( acceleration, road )
  • http://orig13.deviantart.net/b476/f/2015/065/8/a/psv_92_main_battle_tank__coloured__by_sixthcircle-d8klraz.png - and the prototype version, for comparison.
  • (the camouflage scheme is based off the FDF's Leopard 2A4 camouflage pattern, but the colours are meant to function more effectively in tundras)
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