82nd Airborne jump exercise. 2,426 Paratroopers were involved. [4256 x 2832]

Christ benefit. It is like where's Waldo. You would be told by me where exactly where he's but that will destroy the enjoyable! The ACUs actually do blend into only concrete. Ha! I also simply ...

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  • Christ sake. It's like where's Waldo.
  • I would tell you where exactly where he is but that would ruin the fun!
  • The ACUs really do blend into only concrete.
  • Ha! I also just noticed that the guy to his right is a USAF Senior Airman.
  • Nice spot. They're actually not too difficult to spot once I knew what to look for 🙂 Do you have knowledge on why they would be there? Are those guys load masters / crew?
  • I'm not too sure myself, they could just be doing joint training. Such as TACP's / SOWT's / CCT's / PJ's / Hell maybe even SERE...It looks as though they are definitely gonna be jumping...I doubt they're loadmasters/crew.
  • I would guess the Airmen just are jumping for the badge. It's wasn't uncommon for Airmen at pope to qualify as airborne to get the jump badge. If they are journeymen of some kind I would be surprised they aren't in multi cam. I haven't see a PJ/CCT/CWX in anything but since the early 2000's. Edit: TACP is possible, I was only ever attached to Army SF. I was still training when I static jumped with 82nd and never functioned as TACP for an infantry unit.
  • Yeah, good point (that should have been obvious to me but I didn't even check their gear). That's pretty cool though.
  • They're probably TACP
  • Pope is an AF base attached to Bragg, and we always have other branches jumping with us on these massive jumps. They could just be some dudes who need to get their jump in to maintain their jump pay. We're scheduled for another one of these soon, maybe I'll be able to point myself out in a picture like this.
  • They could be JCU guys.
  • The tech sgt was easy, but how the hell did you see that?
  • They blend in pretty well with other ACU clad troops 😀
  • I was wondering why that ACH looked funny.
  • Nice! Found'em!
  • Awesome
  • It's not as hard as you'd think. It's one of the only rank patches visible, since everyone else has either their back or front to the camera.
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