67.6 Tons on an Overpass

"Speed limitation: No faster than tank." Damn, they will have a large amount of faith in that connection... 68 tons isnt really that much for a bridge. . . A single 18 wheeler could weigh since much as 40 ...

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  • "Speed limit: No faster than tank."
  • Damn, they have a lot of faith in that bridge...
  • 68 tons isnt really that much for a bridge. . . A single 18 wheeler could weigh as much as 40 tons, and a whole span full of vehicles could weigh considerably more than a single Abrams.
  • Yeah, but you have to consider surface area.
  • It's not really that big of a problem. The treads distribute that weight over a fairly wide area.
  • Well, yeah, but all of that weight is in one small area, compared to how many cars it would take to make an equal amount of weight. Those cars would be spread out over a comparatively wide area... but I'm no architect, just saying.
  • It doesn't make that much of a difference in terms of the bending loads that are relevant here. I am an architect, although a structural engineer would be the one running the calcs for a bridge. I don't really do these sorts of calculations as part of my job, and it's been a while since my structures courses, but I don't think it's too significant. Either way, 60 tons is likely nowhere near the design limit of an overpass like that.
  • What are the design limits of overpasses like these, generally?
  • I honestly have no idea, I've never worked on bridge design. But as others have mentioned, 18-wheelers generally max out at around 40 tons, and its' not hard to imagine two fully loaded trucks passing each other at the center of a span. That's 80 tons right there. And structural design generally has very generous safety factors involved. If you expect a max load of 50 tons, you don't design your bridge to hold 50 tons, you design it to hold 250+ tons.
  • Plus, don't forget that the motion of the cars on the bridge increase the stress, considerably.
  • Something like that. I think in machanics the rule of thumb is 2x. A crane with maximum weight of 10 tons should actually be able to lift 20 tons. For bridge a safety might be more and I don't it would be less than for a crane.
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