1951 Willys M38 Jeep [1024x768]

Why result in the jump to billy? There is certainly an celebrity that is actual willie mays http://i.imgur.com/TAl21o9.jpg Why could you abandon the .50 caliber freedom? RIP Bill ...

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  • Why make the jump to billy? There is an actual celebrity named willie mays
  • http://i.imgur.com/TAl21o9.jpg
  • Why would you leave out the .50 caliber freedom?
  • RIP Bill
  • Life goals.... Life goals...
  • Fun fact about Jeeps: They were originally manufactured by a washing machine company with their metal presses, so thats why the jeeps sides were so flat and paneled-looking.
  • Source: http://www.rmsothebys.com/hf16/hershey/lots/1951-willys-m38-jeep/1081604
  • Street legal?
  • Yea, if it's an antique they don't have to have modern safety equipment and in most states aren't held to environmental quality standards. The guns might get a look or three and a curious cop will likely stop them at some point to talk about the vehicle with or without the guns
  • Oh My.
  • India still uses these things
  • That camouflage is really shit. Why India, why?
  • India is a tacky country...sadly, this extends onto their military (atleast it seems so).
  • That is a modern Mahindra jeep not a old Willys overland.
  • I wish I could have one of these so badly. Where would I even begin to find one that I could fix up?
  • eBay. I don't know your skill level but you can find them in various condition. The restorations get expensive and time consuming if you want to keep them original but if you're willing to use remanufactured parts and upgrades you could probably put one together for $15-20k. eBay rusty example
  • Such a saxy car. Looks brandnew
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